So Distance


Presented by CAKE for Running with Stripper 2021: Ethereal Machines
Zul Mahmod and Shaherfi Sidin’s So Distance is a co-op multiplayer game that applies game technology to create the act of collective playing – designed such that 5 individual players require each other’s physical proximity to activate, explore and co-create within the definitions of the game. In its physical state, So Distance takes the form of an installation. So Distance works on the principle of OpenSoundControl (OSC) and Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI).

Project Brief:

Create a collaboration project with Zul Mahmod that incorporates both game design and an interactive sculpture

Challenge to myself:

I decided to try merge both our expertise together. Thus I endeavoured to turn Zul's iconic sound sculptures into pacman-esque mazes. I also decided to emphasize on sound by incorporating rhythm game elements into the game design.