Repose & Royalty


Repose and Royalty is a two-part interactive installation that tries to tackle the issue of crippling loneliness in the world by, firstly, changing the perceptions around being alone and, secondly, by making people feel important. In 'Repose', the artist provides participants with a safe space where they can take a momentary pause from life. While in 'Royalty', the participant is provided with a space that makes them feel important.

Project Brief:

Reimagine and transform a space to deliver a message to the participants of your artwork.

Challenge to myself:

I decided to challenge myself this time by going big, that is to transform a whole room by covering it with cloth. For Royalty I then decided to create over a hundred LED flowers that users can affect by hugging a pillow. It was a long and slow process, but it was fun.