Final Year Project: ComCre


ComCre, the community creature, is a virtual pet (V-Pet) game installation that aims to make players aware about the interconnectedness of cause and effect; where our actions transcend the artificial boundaries of our singular lives and permeate into those of others and the actions of others unto ours. This is conveyed through the natural chaos of communal cooperative game play, in which the community interacts with minigame stations to evolve the v-pet into the form that embodies their values the most. Within this space, every action and interaction has gravity and affects the V-Pet’s growth.

Project Brief:

Create your magnus-opus in a year.

Challenge to myself:

I decided to do a project that would incorporate all the skills that I have learnt in my four years of studying at NTU:ADM, namely game design and interactive design. Thus, I laboured to create a non-traditional game that was not just limited to the screen. I also chose to push the boundaries of cooperative play and decided to make a game that would allow a whole community to play together.